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Post and Rail Fencing


Posts for Timber Railings

fencing_clip_image002_00015 ft Post catering for
Timber Railing (3 Timber Rails)


Timber size required 35mm x 100mm


fencing_clip_image002_00026 ft 6″ Posts catering for
Timber Railing (4 Timber Rails)


Timber size required 35mm x 100mm

Panel Fencing
Concrete Slot Dimension: 53mm



Below: Panel Fence

Panel fence

Panel fence

Fencing Stakes


Erect strainers and struts at ends, corners and change of directions. It is recommended that struts and strainers be used at an average of 50m intervals. Ensure wire is tight using strainers or by inserting a tensioning winder./expand]

Anti-Intruder Fencing

Erecting a Post and Rail Fence
1. Ensure that the posts are the correct length for the height of fence being erected. This is especially important when the fence line is progressed along uneven ground (longer posts will be required).

2. 20N concrete at 18″ deep should be placed around posts except for end, corner or strainer posts where holes should be filled to the top.

3. Galvanised wire may be fed through the holes in posts where necessary. Proper straining ratchets should be used to tension the wire.